Terms of service

Service definition

The herein mentionned SERVICE designates execution of automated test for Moodle platforms from a test facility belonging to the SERVICE PROVIDER. Testing facility is comprising a test server hosted at OVH.com and assets provided to the end user for receiving test plan queries from the test server. the service has an accessible web interface to allow registering a end user's moodle platform domain and launch predefined tests matching the provided assets.

Free service and paid service

The SERVICE PROVIDER provides a limited FREE SERVICE for any user in any country, based on domain free registration and access to settings allowing to perform test on installed assets. the FREE SERVICE offers no guarantee of availability and can be unavailable at any time without notification.

The SERVICE PROVIDER provides a PAID FOR SERVICE to his customer that order a performance audit mission, or subscribing to a premium account. The SERVICE PROVIDER will ensure resources are available for PAID FOR SERVICE based on a test calendar in accordance with the customer.

Service limitation

The FREE SERVICE capacity has a global limit of 1000 simulated threads running Moodle queries at the same time, thus simulating as a whole 1000 simulated users across all running test plans and all running domains. Test instances will be scheduled waiting for sufficient resources are free in the server to execute the plan.

The FREE SERVICE will offer plan capacity up to 100 simultaneous users per running plan. this amount may be subject to change without notice. there is no limitation of scheduled plans for a single domain, and all plans may run untill the global limit above is reached.


There is no guarantee of the measurement stability values given by test plans, as these values are depending on a lot of factors in the path from the test facility and the target platform. Results will have to be considered relatively to reference results that will be published publicly. Reference results are given using our own reference targets for which detailed tuning and environment specifications will be provided.

Test target registration and retractation

End users will be able to register their target domain for tests and set a password to access to the domain. The domain account will claim for an email for sending messages and notifications to the end customer.

Any data related to any domain can be deleted at any tome on single request. In that case ALL data related to the domain and test results will be definitively deleted from the SERVICE.

Information exposition

The service may allow the test plans in progress expose publicly the domain identity that is currently testing.

The service may allow end users to expose their results publicly.


The SERVICE is offered for load testing purpose on test dedicated Moodle instances. the SERVICE PROVIDER disclaims any kind of responsibility in mis configuration of the domain registration and any kind of data loss or alteration the SERVICE might execute on the target domain platform. 4

The end user will ensure the test sites will be dismounted properly or disabled after a performance evaluation session. The user list used for load tests is published publicly and accesses should be disabled to test targets outside the test evaluation period.